About Us

Nashik Opthalmological Association(NOA)

NOA has grown from a modest group of 20-25 Opthalmologist to present strength of 100-120, within a span of last 25-30 years.

NOA has organised "TWO" State (MOSCON) conferences, one in 1992; with about 400 delegates and the one in 2002; with about 800 delegates from all over Maharashtra. Both the conferences were very successfully organised and blessed by two stalwarts in Opthalmology; Dr. Badrinath Sir and Dr. P. N Nagpal Sir.

Members from NOA have also contributed in the Managing Commitees and Scientific Committees of MOS from time to time. Dr. Meena Bapaye has the honour of being secretary of MOS in 2001-02 and also the President of MOS in 2005-06. Dr. Sharad Patil was the Secretary of MOS in 2004-05. Dr. Shashikant Gaikwad, Dr. Vidya Patil and Dr. Mrunal Patil have been the Treasurer of MOS. Three NOA members Dr. Nitin Gadkari, Dr. Ketan Merchant & Dr. Prashant Birla have served as Zonal Members in MOS. Dr. Swati Zawar is member of Sceintific Committee MOS this year.

NOA members actively participate in the scientific activities of MOS and AIOS in almost every conference and also won many prestigious awards.

Members of NOA are actively involved in many social activities in the city and also the activities of IMA, Nashik. Dr. Vinay Manarikar and Dr. Satish Patil have been the President of IMA, Nashik. Dr. Nitin Gadkari was the secretary of IMA, Nashik. Dr. Vidhya Patil has served as President of IMA, Nashik Road and Dr. D. K. Chandwani has served as Treasurer & Secretary of IMA, Nashik Road. "Group Practice"; which is the need of present scenario in medical field; being followed successfully by NOA members since last many years.

"Two" Daignostic centres and 'ONE' Refractive Surgery centre are the excellent examples how doctors can successfully manage and practise in a cohesive group to keep themselves updated with the latest technology.
Nashik has all the subspecialities in Opthamlmology including Ratina, Cornea, Oculoplasty, etc. There are three Lasik centres and five eye banks working in Nashik.